Seagate Technology will reimburse employees for their reasonable expenses incurred in connection with necessary and authorised Company business. The purpose of this policy is to establish consistent, reasonable, and accountable standards to record and control the cost of business travel and entertainment.

Controlling travel and entertainment as well as business meal costs is the responsibility of each employee. It is expected that good judgement will be exercised when authorising the use of and/or when utilising Company funds.

As travel is an inherent part of doing business, employees are hired with the expectation that they are willing to travel in accordance with these guidelines and provide supporting documentation.

This policy covers all Seagate Technology employees as well as any individuals under contract with Seagate who incur, authorise, or reimburse Company funds. This policy shall be implemented on a worldwide basis; however, for non-U.S. operations, this policy may be adapted to meet local requirements within individual countries. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) must first approve any policy changes.

Non compliance with this policy may result in delayed/non-reimbursement and / or disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.